Charity Auctioneer: Bio

There are hundreds of auctioneers out there but none with the celebrity cache that Wil Shriner brings.

He is a nationally known comedian, director and host with 25 years of TV exposure under his belt.

Wil has a proven track record of getting charities more money at the live auction and can make a big difference for your next event.

Earn more     Its WIN  WIN

Look At Some Results

Boy’s and Girl’s Club Monterey  2012            Pebble Beach            raised 470,000

Boy’s and Girl’s Club Monterey  2011             Pebble Beach           raised 450,000

Chris Evert Broward Pediatric Hospital        Fort Lauderdale          raised 35,000  

Wine&Water For Museum of Discovery        Fort Lauderdale           raised 70,000

Joe Dimaggio’s Hospital Gala                         Hollywood,FL             raised 10,000

Feathers and Diamonds Gala                          Louisville                   raised 30,000

EAA GALA                                                        Oshkosh                    raised 1.8 Million

Everglades Foundation                                    Palm Beach               raised 1.9 Million

Dennis James Cerebral Palsy                           Palm Springs            raised 25,000

John Petters Foundation Gala                         Minneapolis               raised 300,000

Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital                  Palm Beach               raised 200,000

The Petters Foundation Polo Event                Palm Beach               raised 400,000

Deliver the Dream                                            Fort Lauderdale        raised 300,000

The Boy and Girls Club                                    Monterey                   raised 300,000

The Frank Sinatra Gala                                    Palm Springs             raised 600,000